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Structural Solutions

We have helped clients remedy structural damage caused by nature’s forces while simultaneously creating a beautiful setting and improving the value of their property.

· Soil movement

· Drainage issues caused by surface and subterranean water

· Failing retaining walls

Case Studies:


Regal Tudor Rescue, San Mateo

A major existing retaining wall failed which threatened the client’s home. Working with a leading soil engineer, we remedied the problem and then built an spectacular landscape with an outdoor kitchen and a spa encased by a spiral staircase and a living wall.


Ridgeline View, Millbrae


This property was cut in two by a city drainage swale, which made the upper half unusable. Through our design creativity, the client enjoys their entire property and relaxes on a raised redwood deck with a stunning view of SFO, that adds beauty and functionality to the home.

From Peril to Paradise, San Carlos

The home had major land movement endangering the house’s foundation. We solved the problem with a series of  major   retaining walls. Then we constructed an exquisite garden featuring 1300 square foot second story deck, two pergolas, an elegant masonry curved staircase leading to a lower entertaining level.

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