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Upcoming Events (subject to change without notice)

Metamorphosis Garden Tour

Meeting location to be announced at a later date.


This is an extremely wonderful event we have done for over ten years now.  We take a selected group of potential clients on a luxury bus tour to our most extraordinary projects.

News and Press Releases

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February, 2017

Metamorphosis Landscaping is proud to announce that its founder, Michael Galli, was selected and joined the Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional Program. Mr. Galli is one of six landscaping industry leaders selected to represent Proven Winners in the United States. Each person selected has made outstanding contributions to the landscaping industry.  Mr. Galli was selected for his creativity and innovation in creating beautiful settings for upscale residential projects.


Whether a petunia or a hydrangea bush, Proven Winners plants are notably healthier, have more blossoms and a longer blooming season than traditional plants. Proven Winners plants are featured in notable gardens in the United States such as Churchill Downs in Kentucky and The Duke Mansion in North Carolina. Mr. Galli is available to speak about and demonstrate how Proven Winners’ unique plants can beautify and enhance a home’s gardens.


The initial meeting of the Proven Winners® Certified Landscape Professional Program was held at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, North Carolina in December, 2016. At this meeting the six founding member of the group as well as leaders from within Proven Winners outlined programs to inform the public on the advantages of both the Proven Winners plant line and innovative landscape design.


Additional information regarding the Proven Winners Certified Landscape Professional Program is available at:


Mr. Galli can be reached at:


Metamorphosis Landscaping


May 1st, 2014


We are proud to announce that we will be running a significant television campaign on Comcast Bay Area.  Our adds will run on four networks.  The FOOD Channel, HGTV, CNN, and the Hallmark Channel but is also below:

March 29, 2018

The Farmer Fred® Rant

Four Plants to Create a

Pollinator/Beneficial Garden Airport

"Proven Winners recently held their 2018 plant introductions at Matsuda's wholesale nursery in Sacramento, showcasing their newest annuals, perennials and shrubs. Sort of like a car show, but only for plant nerds…well, ok, professional landscapers...and plant nerds like myself."

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